The category of SMEs can cover a very wide range of industries, structures, and sizes!

At NLP we recognise that although SMEs require the standard accountancy, audit and bookkeeping service we provide it is the additional knowledge and experience our Partner's have in building and developing SME businesses that really adds value to our clients.

Our understanding of government grants, R&D tax claims and structuring can give you the much needed additional funds and investment required to grow and achieve your business potential, whatever your size and sector.

As your business grows successfully we can assist in retaining and attracting the very best employees with our share plan and rewards division.

We can also help you navigate the complicated network of international taxes, VAT and transfer pricing.

Lastly, depending on your end goal, we can advise on acquisitions and mergers, or on the sale of the business, and the business and share valuation that potentially goes with this.

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