The NLP Far East desk is headed up by Robin Wang who has vast experience successfully delivering tax advice and accounting services. He is supported by a Mandarin / Cantonese speaking team of experts knowledgeable in both the Far East and UK markets. Using their accumulated years of industry experience, they provide a wide range of services helping to bridge the gap between the economic and cultural differences between the Far East and the UK.

NLP is an independent member of Morison KSi, an international group that has many associates within the Far East.

If you are a company, our advice can be tailored to your business size, sector and geography. If you are an individual, we can aid you in structuring your matters in the most tax efficient way.

Services we offer:

  • Accounting and Audit services
  • UK property tax planning
  • Personal tax advice and planning
  • Real estate tax advice and planning
  • Business tax advice and planning
  • Assisting you in starting your business in the UK
  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Sale of UK businesses