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Tax year 2023/24 brings important adjustments to the way tax liability is calculated for unincorporated businesses. The change is called basis period… more

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Report warns 'millions would struggle' in cashless society, and consumer group issues fraud warning on online shopping scams more
Employment status and employment rights are knotty issues. more
HMRC carries out checks on employers as part of its compliance procedure, visiting business premises to inspect records, and also to engage directly… more
It’s now a year since major change to the off-payroll working (OPW) rules. The OPW regime requires a decision on employment status to be made for tax… more
Change to the National Insurance (NI) regime makes major demands on employers. It amounts to much more than making sure payroll systems are crunching… more
Despite the UK’s drive to reach net zero by 2050 being high up the policy and news agendas, the majority of SMEs in the UK do not understand how… more
‘The Chancellor will not make significant tax or spending announcements at the Spring Statement, unless the economic circumstances require it.’ more
The Treasury recently announced that it intends to recognise stablecoins as a valid form of payment as part of wider government plans to 'make Britain… more