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What happens if you own shares that have become all but worthless – say you bought shares at the start of the pandemic, and their value has plummeted? more
‘All I know is I’ve put in an amount of money… but how they come to that figure, no idea.’ more
National Insurance contributions (NICs) rose in April 2022, but the latest swing of the pendulum brings better news: an increase in the amount that… more
A few reminders for your diary... more

Tax Tip

If you are self-employed you may want to consider forming a limited company. A limited company can be an effective way to shelter profits, especially… more
Tax year 2023/24 brings important adjustments to the way tax liability is calculated for unincorporated businesses. The change is called basis period… more

Business Round-up

Report warns 'millions would struggle' in cashless society, and consumer group issues fraud warning on online shopping scams more
Employment status and employment rights are knotty issues. more
HMRC carries out checks on employers as part of its compliance procedure, visiting business premises to inspect records, and also to engage directly… more