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COVID-19 spotlights Research and Development (R&D). Funding initiatives like the Fast Start Competition, managed by Innovate UK, have recently been… more

A plan for jobs

Chancellor Rishi Sunak used his recent Summer Economic Update to announce a £30 billion plan to create and protect jobs as government support for the… more
The coronavirus (COVID-19) has seen an upsurge in homeworking. For many people, there are questions on the tax on the equipment required. more
As lockdown restrictions lift across the UK, businesses are preparing for a new working environment. The Chancellor may have begun winding down the… more
Chancellor Rishi Sunak presented the Summer Economic Update against a backdrop of economic uncertainty caused by coronavirus (COVID-19) lockdown. more
The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has caused major disruption to businesses and economies worldwide. Drastic measures have seen millions of people… more
Notable for what didn’t change, as well as what did... more
There are many ways in which your eventual liability to capital gains tax (CGT) can be minimised, particularly when share prices are depressed. more
A round-up of key dates for May, June and July 2020. more