Research & Development

Less than 20% of current eligible companies are taking advantage of the R&D programme. Several industries that are eligible to claim, are unaware that HMRC has that recently changed its stance on the programme‚Äôs eligibility requirements specifically those industries involved in software development, manufacturing, and engineering.

In the past the rules were very narrow and subjective making it difficult for companies to submit claims, yet today HMRC still review these claims to ensure that they are prepared by competent professionals in a given industry.

As Nyman Libson Paul now have brought in technical experts from various industries, we are able to give a proper assessment of eligible R&D projects, and have found that many companies who thought they were ineligible in the past can now qualify.

We are now one of the few accounting firms with technical expertise from industry specialists to identify, capture and document R&D projects on your behalf.

Claims can be made for all manner of businesses across many different sectors.

The scheme for R&D tax relief was previously cumbersome but recently the programme has now been streamlined, which allows you and your company to obtain tax savings going back two accounting periods.

Within 15/20 minutes NLP can understand whether a company will be suitable to claim R&D relief, and will be able to facilitate the claim process from beginning to end by taking minimal time weekly ensuring a very high success rate.

For further details on HMRC legislation and criteria please click here.



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