Trusts, Inheritance Tax & Wills


Trusts can sometimes help you to eliminate unnecessary tax charges and keep the maximum possible part of your family’s wealth. Maybe you’d like to transfer part of your wealth to a family member but still retain control. Our specialists can set up trusts and take care of all the administration.

Inheritance tax

Inheritance tax can take a large bite out of your family’s wealth, which can sometimes result in your family home or business having to be sold. We can help you arrange your financial affairs to limit its effects. In fact, early planning can often result in substantial tax savings.


We are also happy to work with your solicitors in deciding how your will might be drafted, leaving your family with the maximum assets and the lowest possible tax. We can act as executors or trustees and our trust department undertakes estate administration.

Quite often this work can be undertaken at a fee which will represent only a small fraction of the tax which can be saved. We are always happy to discuss the possible fee, without obligation, before our work commences.


For more information about probate please visit The Probate Practice our specialist probate accountancy division for estate administration and will writing.

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