Film Tax Relief

Film Tax Relief (FTR) or Film Tax Credits (FTC) were introduced in April 2007 by the Government and so far has been the main driver for inward investment and the boom in the British Film Industry.

For a film to qualify for FTR/FTC it must pass the BFI cultural test, the film must be intended for theatrical release and at least 10% of the total production costs must relate to activities in the UK.

Here at Nyman Libson Paul we have handled FTR claims for films and production companies of all shapes and sizes since the relief was brought out.  We consider ourselves to be experts in the field and in March 2014 launched our Film Tax Credit loan business ‘The Movies Begin’ that lends against the potential relief a film will receive.

For our free Film Tax Relief fact sheet and for regular updates from us, please click here.

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