Business Plans

Customised Business Plan

Nyman Libson Paul assists clients in preparing professional business plans that help them achieve their stated funding and growth goals. Our comprehensive business planning process results in a well-organised, powerfully written and fully customised business plan.

Business objectives, business models and complex technologies are explained in clear, concise and compelling language and then packaged into a document that meets the expectations of professional investors.

We produce plans for any type of business, whether it is involved in starting up, raising private equity, securing bank finance, preparing for rapid growth, merging or acquiring another company, or simply looking to impress potential strategic partners.

Financial Projections

Nyman Libson Paul also assists clients in developing comprehensive, financial projections that include a complete set of balance sheet, income statement and cash flow forecasts. Financial Projections can be completed as part of a customised business plan or as a separate stand-alone service.

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