Audit & Accounting

Up to date, reliable information is a must for any business, whether you are in a company, in business on your own, or in partnership – but, traditionally business owners regard the annual audit as a time-consuming and expensive process that only benefits the statutory authorities. Published annual accounts have to comply with very detailed reporting requirements – and the consequences of not doing so can be awkward and costly.

At Nyman Libson Paul we make sure all reporting requirements are met – keeping clients, banks, creditors, finance providers, and even the Inland Revenue, happy.

More importantly, we give you clear, practical guidance on how you can improve the quality of your accounting records whether they be kept on computer or manually. Based on the information gleaned from our detailed audit, we will also provide you with the kind of business advice that could help you to run your business efficiently and cost-effectively, including expert tax planning advice.

Our team of auditors are recruited mainly from Russell Group universities and are professionally trained to ensure they carry out their work with the appropriate degree of skill and care, so that they really get to understand your business.

We train all our staff to anticipate client needs, communicate clearly and take responsibility for their work. As we draw on the experience of our senior audit partners across all disciplines, we take every opportunity to help your business grow.

So don’t see the audit as an expensive nuisance – use it to improve your business.



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