Proud sponsors of Indielab 2018

Indielab returns from March to June 2018 and we’re proud to be supporting this year’s exciting programme. Backed by the Mayor of London, Indielab is the leading growth programme in the TV sector, helping up-and-coming indies to find their wings and fly. The programme includes high-level briefings from more than 50 industry leaders, with masterclasses … Read more Proud sponsors of Indielab 2018

Film Tax Relief reaches £251m in 2015

The UK film industry received over £250m in government support through the film tax relief programme. According to HM Treasury, the initiative generated over £1bn worth of investment into the UK and that the total amount of investment secured since 2007 has now reached over £6bn. It was announced earlier this year that there are … Read more Film Tax Relief reaches £251m in 2015

UK – China Film & TV Fund

A new UK – China film / TV and Media investment fund is set to launch in early 2016 with the aim of funding new UK-China co-productions. The fund has been set up by the UK’s Varcale Capital Management & Pairstech Capital Management with China’s Beijing Zhopngze Culture Industry Co. and Propellor Culture & Media … Read more UK – China Film & TV Fund

NLP joins forces with UKTI & Indielab

On 10 December 2015, Nyman Libson Paul is joining forces with the UK Trade & Investment (UKTI) London Creative Team and Indielab TV Accelerator to host a full day of one-to-one matched meetings between London-based production companies and buyers from key international broadcasters. UKTI has partnered with Indielab TV Accelerator, a new growth accelerator programme … Read more NLP joins forces with UKTI & Indielab

The James Bond franchise

James Bond is undoubtedly one of the world’s biggest film franchises which Nyman Libson Paul are proud to have been affiliated with since Dr No in 1962. The latest film Spectre opened on Monday to numbers of £6.3m slightly ahead of its predecessor Skyfall’s opening day of £6.2m in 2012. New reports show that the entire 007 brand is now worth … Read more The James Bond franchise

Pinewood Studios turns 80!

This year is the 80th birthday of the studio that is unarguably at the very centre of British film: Pinewood. Cinema icons adored by millions have played out unforgettable scenes here, from James Bond to Superman, Luke Skywalker and Harry Potter. The first film, a musical called ‘London Melody’ was completed at the 156-acre estate … Read more Pinewood Studios turns 80!

This week’s Entertainment news

Grow old gracefully in the movies? Only if you’re British! It’s a well-known Hollywood cliché that once you pass 40, your options as an actress become very limited but that may be changing, with the rise of ‘grey pound’ movies starring legendary older actors geared towards older audiences such as Helen Mirren’s The Hundred-Foot Journey & most recently The … Read more This week’s Entertainment news

UK – China Co-Production Treaty

A landmark film co-production between the UK and China treaty that was inked in 2014 has now been ratified at the UK Government’s GREAT Festival of Creativity in Shanghai. The purpose of the co-production agreement is to provide an official framework under which film producers in both countries can share financial, technical and creative resources … Read more UK – China Co-Production Treaty