Nyman Libson Paul Indielab 2018

Proud sponsors of Indielab 2018

Indielab returns from March to June 2018 and we’re proud to be supporting this year’s exciting programme.

Backed by the Mayor of London, Indielab is the leading growth programme in the TV sector, helping up-and-coming indies to find their wings and fly. The programme includes high-level briefings from more than 50 industry leaders, with masterclasses on business growth and investment-readiness to help ambitious companies find the contacts, knowledge and investment they need to succeed.

Speaking this week, Anthony Pins said “We’re delighted to be sponsors of Indielab 2018. As specialist advisers to the entertainment industry, it’s a fantastic programme to be involved with. The energy and the enthusiasm is electric and we wish everyone involved every possible success”.

To find out more about Indielab you can visit their website here.

For more information please contact Anthony Pins at anthony.pins@nlpca.co.uk