The James Bond franchise

James Bond is undoubtedly one of the world’s biggest film franchises which Nyman Libson Paul are proud to have been affiliated with since Dr No in 1962. The latest film Spectre opened on Monday to numbers of £6.3m slightly ahead of its predecessor Skyfall’s opening day of £6.2m in 2012.

New reports show that the entire 007 brand is now worth an estimated £13bn following the release of Spectre,  generating around £9bn from box office sales , £2bn from DVD sales and £2bn from merchandising.

Skyfall, which was released in 2012, is credited as the most successful Bond instalment to date, grossing a staggering £750m at the box office, while 1964’s Goldfinger and 1965’s Thunderball, both starring Sean Connery as the spy follow closely behind grossing approximately £675m each.

According to the specialists, earlier Bond movies were more profitable as production costs were lower with an estimated budget of between £20-30m which is a vast difference to Spectre, which is said to have cost over £300m to make.

Daniel Craig is also reported to be the highest-earning Bond with an alleged salary of £25m for Spectre. However, Sean Connery is believed to be the most successful Bond due to revenue / profit shares as taking into account inflation it is estimated he earned as much as £47m for Diamonds Are Forever alone!

According to research, every recent Bond film brings in box office returns of over four times the production costs but in the 1960s / 1970s, the return was 20-fold with the decrease credited to the expensive special effects used now.

The Bond brand, which is now classed as a British Institution, also brings in between £80m -£150m through sponsorships, product placement & marketing tie-ins.