Nyman Libson Pedal!

NLP partner Dave Morrison recently completed the epic 1,230km Paris-Brest-Paris cycle event, one on the oldest cycling events in the world.

The event allows riders 90 hours from the moment the clock starts to make the 764 mile round trip, sleeping and eating time is included within the limit, the clock doesn’t stop. ‘I ended up sleeping rough on pavements during the night, catching an odd hour’s shuteye when needed. My biggest disappointment was stopping to sleep just 12km from the end at about 3.30am’ explained Dave, ‘my best sleep was under a table in a food hall …it really was beyond anything I’ve ever done before’. Dave eventually completed in 82 hours and 8 minutes!

About 6,000 participants from all over the world took part, and the event is only run every 4 years. It has been run since 1891, ceasing to be a professional race in 1951 as it was deemed too difficult!

‘The towns and villages all come out and support the event, almost as if the Tour de France itself is passing’ Dave enthused. ‘The weirdest thing is that, even at night, people have tables outside their houses offering riders free water and coffee’ he continued. ‘At one point I was cycling past a band playing at 3am in the morning for the benefit of cyclists’

The next one will be in 2019!