A Bridge Too Far – Not the full Monty

NLP represented at the UCI’s Amateur Road Cycling World
Championship in Denmark.

NLP Partner Dave Morrison qualified for the UWCT Amateur World Road Cycling Championship Final in Denmark and, after initially deciding that it might be a bit of a ‘step up’, was talked in to entering the event.’ It was a fantastic experience, but this was at another level for me’ he remarked.

‘We drove near Arnhem on the journey over to Denmark, famous as the ‘Bridge Too Far’ in Field Marshall (Monty) Montgomery’s flawed World War Two offensive, later immortalised in the film of the same name.’ observed Dave.

‘I should have seen it as an omen, as my road racing inexperience meant I missed a split in the peleton early on in the race, in strong winds. Bridging a gap in strong winds is very difficult, and this is partly the cause of Nairo Quintana losing this year’s Tour de France, it was certainly ‘A Bridge Too Far’ so far as I was concerned!’

‘The effort of towing a bunch back early in the race was exhausting and cost me dearly. I did make up places later on and eventually finished 935th out of 989 male finishers (all ages), but I have to say that I was slightly disappointed. Still, at least I can say I’ve represented the UK in an official World Championship of the sport’s governing body I suppose, even if I won’t be joining Team Sky any time soon!’

UWCT Final Denmark 2