UK film industry tax breaks approved by EU

A higher rate of film tax relief (FTR) for the UK has been given approval by the EU increasing the rate to 25% regardless of budget level for all qualifying core expenditure, for all eligible film productions.

For example, a British film costing £40m will now receive an additional £1m towards production costs.
Previously, FTR applied at a rate of 25% for the first £20m of qualifying expenditure and 20% to amounts thereafter.

The plans were first announced by the government in the March 2015 Budget in attempts to entice more projects like Avengers: Age Of Ultron to shoot in the UK.

Chancellor George Osborne announced the scheme approval, which will be backdated to apply from April 2015, whilst a set visit to a new British TV series which is benefiting from the government’s High End TV tax relief, which provides a tax credit of 25% on qualifying British productions.

The government’s film tax relief has supported almost £8bn of production expenditure since its introduction including films such as Harry Potter. It has supported 222 films in 2014, when £1.4bn was spent on filmmaking in the UK. Other films that have qualified under the cultural test for film tax relief include: World War Z, Skyfall, Paddington, The Imitation Game and The Theory of Everything.

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