Creating Growth: The Future of the UK Entertainment Sector

At Nyman Libson Paul we have been dealing with the tax, accounting and business affairs of the entertainment sector for over 80 years, and are proud to share our report on ‘Creating Growth: The Future of the UK Entertainment Sector’ with you today.

Since 1933, this sector has changed remarkably as politics, technology and globalisation have played their parts in revolutionising the way in which we consume content and thus how it is produced and delivered to us.

However, the films released in our founding year (King Kong, Little Women, The Invisible Man and Alice in Wonderland to name a few) would not only stand up in today’s market but have been re-made many times since, showing a good story never gets old.  Although, back then, the worlds of animation and video games were a mere twinkle in the eye of the entertainment sector.

People’s innate desire to laugh, cry and be entertained by performers goes back thousands of years and has meant the sector has remained resilient through many economic dips and crashes.  This continued into 2014, a year of uneven economic growth, but a very successful one for the UK’s creative industries.

They are now worth £76.9 billion a year to the UK, adding 9.9% in gross value last year to the economy, a marked increase on 2013.  What’s more, the UK entertainment sector is predicted to grow annually by 3.1% until at least 2018, giving investors, content creators and distributors the confidence to further invest in the sector.

Our report provides statistics from 2014, key trends, companies to watch and a summary of what to expect in the next 12 months across the TV, Film, Animation, Video Games and Theatre industries.  You can download your free copy by clicking on the link below.

 ‘Creating Growth: The Future of the UK Entertainment Sector’.