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Grow old gracefully in the movies? Only if you’re British!

Second best exotic

It’s a well-known Hollywood cliché that once you pass 40,
your options as an actress become very limited but that
may be changing, with the rise of ‘grey pound’ movies
starring legendary older actors geared towards older audiences
such as Helen Mirren’s The Hundred-Foot Journey &
most recently The Second Best Exotic Hotel.

The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel, the sequel
to 2011’s surprise hit about a group of Brits who relocate for their
retirement to India knocked Fifty Shades of Grey off the top spot
of the UK Box Office charts.
The film features a lineup of British film ‘royalty’ including,
Dame Judi Dench, Maggie Smith, Bill Nighy and Celia Imrie.

Hollywood has also tried to capitalise on the older generation of
stars with films such as ‘Last Vegas’ featuring some big names
Michael Douglas, Robert De Niro & Morgan Freeman. While
successful, these movies seem entirely based on the comedic
value of watching older people engage in unexpected
activities such as Stag / Hen parties and action hero stunts.
Marigold Hotel, does have some of these antics, but
it does also feature real life issues that the older
generations (and indeed younger viewers) can identify
with, such as loss of a spouse, racism & ‘coming out’.

Billy Elliot – The Musical –  10th Anniversary

Billy Elliot

Based on the Academy Award nominated film, Billy Elliot
The Musical has been dazzling London’s theatregoers
since 2005. The show is currently booking until 19th Dec
2015 at the Victoria Palace Theatre where last month
the musical broke box office records having its highest
grossing performance ever.
This week, it was also announced that the show has
been shortlisted for the 2015 This Morning
Audience Award, the only Olivier award voted by the
theatre-going public.
Congrats & Good luck to the Billy Elliot family!

Indie video game developers take a stand!

Video games

Independent studios are boldly taking on the block-busters
in a gaming world that is being transformed by smartphones,
tablets & social media.

Independent studios tend to take more creative risks
than massive operations as a dud game for one of the
‘big boys’ could end up in losses of hundreds of

The tools for making videos games are readily available &
often free which means anybody can try their hand
at creating the next Call of Duty!
Also distribution of indie games is equally as accessible
through online ‘app’ stores.

Console makers Sony & Microsoft have both been
reaching out to independent game makers to
offer incentives  to develop games for Playstation 4
and Xbox One.

With the UK Government offering Tax Relief for
qualifying video game projects, there has
never been a better time to get involved!
Find out more here about Video Game Tax Relief.

SpectrThird Bond Girl revealed spectre-poster-fb

Mexican actress Stephanie Sigman has been named as the third
Bond girl in the forthcoming 007 movie ‘Spectre’ making a truly
international trio alongside Italian Monica Bellucci & French Lea
The cast have been spotted filming in London, Austria & Rome and is
expected to open in UK cinemas on 6 November.

‘Set-Jetting’ – the new UK holiday trend?


Tourism chiefs are hoping that ‘set-jetting’ will continue to inspire
visitors to explore the UK further than London as film production in the
UK intensifies.
A location appearing on TV/Film has a powerful effect increasing
footfall, bringing in an estimated £100-140m in International tourism
(excluding London).

Popular locations for ‘set-jetters’ are Highclere Castle which has
been used in Downton Abbey for a number of years & West Bay in Dorset
where David Tennant investigates murder in ITV’s Broadchurch.
Northern Ireland has also monopolized on the massive success
of the HBO series Game of Thrones which is extensively filmed
in castles & surrounding areas across the country.

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