NLP Sponsor Screen Film Summit

We can proudly announce we are a main sponsor of this year’s Screen Film Summit.

The only event of its kind, the Screen Film Summit will present the most up-to-date picture of the UK film industry alongside expert opinion on how it will develop.

Keynote presentations and panel discussions will investigate trends, successes and the positioning of UK film, locally and in the international marketplace. Building on this model of the industry, the Summit will address the future of film in the UK, focusing on specific areas of interest:

Talent How can the industry support new and diverse talent in the changing market?

Finance How is film funding evolving and what is the relationship with TV funding?

Content consumption How to engage and develop with the ever changing habits of audiences

Film exports How can the UK work better with the rest of the world?

For discount opportunities on tickets please contact Nitin Kundra on 0203 033 2873 or