NLP Announce New Programme of Charitable Giving

Nyman Libson Paul has launched a new programme of philanthropic giving and will support a charity which helps vulnerable youth and adults with learning difficulties.

Langdon enables and facilitates independent living, and works with those that have the potential to live independently.

Langdon’s members have mild to moderate learning difficulties. These range along a spectrum that includes autism and Asperger’s Syndrome.

In both London and Manchester, Langdon has a unique network of supported living accommodation which provides residents with a route to live in their own homes.

The charity has its own college in Manchester, and students take courses that include basic life skills, vocational training and NVQ accreditations. 85% of Langdon’s residents go on to find employment, boosting their independence and self-esteem.


Reflecting NLP’s roots, the charity is focussed on helping Jewish people, specifically those who are aged 16 or over.

Jonathan Joseph, Vice Chairman of Langdon and Chair of Fundraising, said: “We are delighted to be announcing this partnership with Nyman Libson Paul.

“Langdon’s members will benefit greatly from NLP’s generous support, and we look forward to deepening our engagement and to working together in a variety of ways in the future.”

Joel Newman, managing partner at NLP, said: “Langdon does terrific work, supporting young people to go on and live their lives in a fulfilling way, something they would be unlikely to do without Langdon’s intervention.”

Langdon will be NLP’s chosen charity for a calendar year. Phil McKenzie, director of marketing at NLP, said: “Everyone in the business is looking forward to getting involved in the fundraising to support such a worthwhile cause.”

Langdon is a unique charity, founded in 1992, driven by the belief that a person with learning disabilities has the right to quality education, a home of their own, a fulfilling career, and a full social life just like everyone else.

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