Record year for London theatre, say SOLT

The Society of London Theatre (SOLT) has announced that theatres in London enjoyed a record year in 2013. Nearly 15m tickets were sold, generating gross sales of £585,506,455, up 11% from 2012.

Total attendances in 2013 were 14,587,276, up 4% from the previous year, or roughly 600,000 people. This beats the previous record which was set in 2009. According to SOLT, the average price of a ticket was £40.14.

Anthony Pins, a partner at Nyman Libson Paul who specialises in theatre, said: “It is great to see London theatre is in such
good health, with ticket income growing year on year. Theatre is one of the UK’s true success stories and it is heartening that the Chancellor plans to introduce a new tax relief  next year to encourage new work.

“VAT receipts due to the Treasury from ticket sales in 2013 amounted to a shade under £98m. If sales continue to grow at the same rate in 2014, they will climb through the £100m barrier for the first time.”