We’ve got some exciting news for you – we’ve just launched the Nyman Libson Paul TaxApp.

The App has been developed using the latest technology and provides handy tax tools and the latest tax information straight to your mobile device.

It is available for iOS and Android mobile phones and devices. Here is a taster of the handy features it offers:

  • Tax tips – a range of practical tax pointers for businesses and individuals
  • Tax calculators – gross pay, VAT, corporation tax, company car and fuel benefits
  • Tax rates – key tax rates tables with explanatory notes so we can now keep you bang up to date on the current tax position
  • Key tax dates – a reminder of key tax dates that can easily be added to your calendar
  • Hot topics – keeping you regularly updated on topics that matter to your business
  • Links to our social media feed so that you can join in the conversation and add your thoughts to ours

We’ve enjoyed making it and we hope you enjoy using it. You can download it here:

For iOS devices

For Android devices

It would be great to hear your feedback once you’ve started using it. Please email me at mail@nlpca.co.uk with your comments.

Anthony Pins,