15 minutes with NLP partner, Richard Paul


What is the most unusual request you have ever had?

It would be easier to ask what is the most normal request I have ever had as most of my work deals with unusual requests. I was once asked to arrange the shipment of a client’s dog from Moscow to London which just goes to show that many clients consider us the first point of contact for any problems they need solving.

What do you like most about your job?

I think it might sound trite and old fashioned but what I like most about my job is the satisfaction that comes from providing a great service.  I am evangelical about good service – we should expect it in every walk of life, irrespective of the provider.  I also like the intellectual challenge that comes from juggling numerous cases at any one time and being able to switch from case to case with ease.

Would you describe yourself as a typical accountant?

It’s an interesting question because everyone, accountants included, has a preconception of what an accountant is, and the reality is very different.  The truth is there are many different types of accountants. I like to think that the training for an accountancy qualification is a starting point for a professional’s personal development and it’s up to the individual where they take it from there.  I think it’s a question best answered by others but if you pushed me for a response,  I would say “no, I am not your typical accountant.”

If you could be reincarnated would what you be?

Although I have no aspirations for political office (in fact I cannot think of anything worse) it would be fun to be the Chancellor of the Exchequer, if only to be the one setting tax policies rather than trying to get around them!

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