15 minutes with Gemma Miles in the NLP audit department

So, Gemma, how long have you been working at NLP? And tell me a little bit about what you do….

I joined 14 months ago after studying Maths at Imperial College, London, and work in the audit department. I work on accounts preparation and auditing and at the moment that means my role is split 50:50 on each but in January that should change to 75% of my time being audit focused.

From September to December I work solely on accounts preparation which I do at NLP’s offices. When carrying out audits I am based at the client’s office.

Obviously, a key dynamic of being an audit trainee is that you have to juggle work and study. This is often very challenging as it is often very difficult to find the motivation after a day at the office, however the company are very encouraging and appreciate that study is important.

Do you work within a variety of different industries, or one in particular?

I work on a huge range of different types of clients, from theatre to finance and property. I particularly enjoy the theatre work as that was the main reason I joined NLP.

Would you say, then, that you are passionate about the theatre?

Oh yes, I absolutely love it and have been to quite a few shows recently outside of work.

Is there one client that you have particularly enjoyed working with?

I worked on a two week audit job for a major London theatre where I did a fixed asset test which involved a back stage tour which was fun.

What are the highs or lows of your job, if any?

Working to budgets is a key part of the job, so that can be stressful, along with working to deadlines which create pressure – but it is also good motivation.

Every job has a different manager and partner so sometimes this can be stressful, as I do not have one direct line person on a continual basis. But I get to work with different types of people and gain experience.

With the audits I can be working with a team of 2 to 10 people, depending on the size of the audit involved.

What would you consider to be your strengths?

I am very hard working; strive to get the job done, even if it means working through lunch or late; am committed, good at communications and mix well with everyone at all levels.

And your weaknesses? (Not necessarily work-related!)

Chocolate definitely! It’s one thing I can’t give up.