Film & High End TV Get Budget Boost

  Film Tax Credits in the UK will become a full 25% on qualifying expenditure for all films, subject to EU approval, after George Osborne’s last budget of this Parliament. These credits, claimable in cash are an incentive to production in the UK. Hitherto, the 25% Tax Credit had been restricted by other limiting rules, … Read more Film & High End TV Get Budget Boost

UK – China Co-Production Treaty

A landmark film co-production between the UK and China treaty that was inked in 2014 has now been ratified at the UK Government’s GREAT Festival of Creativity in Shanghai. The purpose of the co-production agreement is to provide an official framework under which film producers in both countries can share financial, technical and creative resources … Read more UK – China Co-Production Treaty


    (Post Apocalypse Finance) Dave Morrison of Entertainment Accountants Nyman Libson Paul looks at Tax Incentives in an austere economy. On the basis that you are reading this in early 2013, then the latest set of intermittent  predictions forecasting the end of the world in December 2012 did not materialise and we are pleased … Read more TAX INCENTIVES IN AN AGE OF AUSTERITY