UK votes to leave EU – What next?

As the nation digests the reality of an EU exit and with Prime Minister David Cameron handing in his resignation, we now face a period of uncertainty in both our business and our personal affairs. It is important for us to turn our attention towards how Brexit will affect key accountancy issues, including tax and help … Read more UK votes to leave EU – What next?

Taxpayers benefit from Lloyds dividend

Lloyds Banking Group has paid its first dividend to shareholders since it was bailed out in 2008, a total of £535 million. In what Chancellor George Osborne has called a ‘major milestone’ for the British economy, the Treasury’s 23.9% stake in Lloyds will pay out £130 million. Mr Osborne said: ‘This is good news not … Read more Taxpayers benefit from Lloyds dividend

Changes to Tier 1 (Investor) Visa

There have been sweeping changes to the Tier 1 (investor) visa offered by the Government.  From November 2014, the £1 Million Investment route will be replaced by the a new 2 Million Investment route. Existing migrants with Tier 1 (Investor) statuses will not be affected by these changes. New applicants wishing to join this route … Read more Changes to Tier 1 (Investor) Visa

UK Theatre Tax Relief is Live Today!

It’s live! Monday 1 September 2014 has finally arrived, a watershed moment for the UK theatre industry, with TTR now officially “in play”.  Slowly but surely producers are starting to understand what the relief may deliver to the bottom line, and how it will operate in practice. Since our last update we have held an informal and … Read more UK Theatre Tax Relief is Live Today!

Critics Circle Theatre Awards

Tuesday the 28th of January saw the Critics Circle Theatre Awards at the Prince of Wales Theatre with our Theatre Department and Partners in attendence. This was the 10th year Nyman Libson Paul have proudly sponsored the event, and shows our commitment to supporting British Theatre. The winners were as follows, with some photos of … Read more Critics Circle Theatre Awards

Autumn Statement Reaction: Theatre

Chancellor George Osborne today/thurs announced that he will launch a consultation early next year on limited tax relief for commercial theatre productions and targeted tax relief for theatres investing in new works, or touring productions to regional theatres. Reacting to the news, Anthony Pins, a partner at entertainment accountants Nyman Libson Paul who specialise in … Read more Autumn Statement Reaction: Theatre