NLP Sponsors Critics’ Circle Awards for 15th Year

The Critics’ Circle Awards 2018 took place on Tuesday 29 January 2019. It was the 15th year that Nyman Libson Paul have sponsored the event, proudly supporting the best of British theatre. The big winner this year was Inheritance – Matthew Lopez’s brilliant two-part transposition of Howard’s End to 21st century gay New York. It … Read more NLP Sponsors Critics’ Circle Awards for 15th Year

Critics Circle Pictures

Critics Circle Theatre Awards 2010  Michael Grandage,  Thea Sharrock, Paul Taiano, Anthony Pins Critics Circle Theatre Awards 2010, Anthony Pins, Derek Jacobi, Paul Taiano, Jenny Jules The above images are not to be reproduced or used in any form whatsoever without the permission of Stephanie Methven

Critics’ Circle Theatre Awards

For those of you who weren’t privy to a ticket for the Critics’ Circle Theatre Awards on Tuesday, let us, as the sponsors, provide you with an insider’s glimpse into the occasion. No matter how many times you’ve been, there are two things which strike you about the event. The first is its intimacy.