NLP – Getting down with ‘Brum and Base’

Nyman Libson Paul partner Dave Morrison was asked to participate as a judge at the ICAEW’s National BASE 2015 final in Birmingham as an ‘Industry Expert’.
The competition is open to schools across the UK, and the final saw 46 teams of 6 pupils each compete in Birmingham for the national prize.
BASE 2015 Final 6

The competition involved a day working on a case study based on a TV Production Company so expert judges were called in from relevant organisations including Nyman Libson Paul, Sky, BBC, Time Warner, Cinescope, Walt Disney, and ITV.
BASE 2015 final 10

Dave was blown away by the sheer scale of the event, its quality and the standard of the students. ‘I expected it to be good, but it was better than that’ he opined.

DAVE BASE 2015 Final

The day’s graft was followed by a huge gala dinner and awards ceremony, with a disco afterwards. Dave, a former DJ and MOBO nominee was pleased to have not been asked to help with the party….’I think my interpretation of ‘Bass’ might not have suited this event’ he mused, ‘I think it is fair to say that BASE was a winner, and everyone who participated will have gone home rewarded, whether they won or not’.

BASE 2015 Final 8