15 minutes with….Dave Morrison, Partner

Describe a typical day

Well today I have rushed from of a meeting with some film producers looking to raise money for their project, to this blog interview. This afternoon I have two meetings with West End solicitors representing some other people who are making films and then this evening I am off to a launch party for an EIS share offer document to raise money for a film called Northern Soul. Tomorrow is similar, I have meetings in the West End to discuss EIS fund raising for film development and will end up at an evening reception to celebrate the green lighting of a film following an EIS fund raise we worked on. I do actually sit at my desk alot too, honestly!

Music is close to your heart I believe, tell me more

I spent many years working in the club promotion business and love music so tonight it will be good to shuffle around the dance floor to some of my favourite tunes (and enjoy a couple of beers) after having worked hard on the Northern Soul offer documents. As they say, it’s a tough job but someone has got to do it! It’s really nice to be able to go to events and dance after years of being a club promoter where I’d spend the evening rushing around making sure everything was running smoothly.

How has your previous working life helped you in your role at NLP?

The creative and organisational skills and the knowledge that I gained in the entertainment industry have been an invaluable insight in my role as an entertainment accountant. My experiences in performing as a DJ, promoting, creating concepts and stage managing gives me a certain empathy with entertainment industry clients.

How has your job changed most recently?

My life has been transformed over the last few years by the increase in the film industry’s use of EIS to raise money for film finance which coupled with our expertise in film tax credits is making us a popular one stop shop. This has made me very busy but when you are busy doing something that is fun and interesting it is a job to die for.